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creative commercial photographer

Sophia Stefellé is a 22-year-old Bristol Based Photographer, specialising in Portrait, Fashion, and Events; alongside on-shoot fashion styling and creative direction. 

In personal works, Stefellé has a passion for exploring ideas of identity by capturing diverse spectrums of gender and showcasing the essence of sexuality through her portraits. Personal projects such as ‘My Gaze’, ‘HE, HIM, THEY’ and ‘Androgynous’, explore the visual aspects of the female and queer gaze…challenging societal constructs of gender. Creating work that fights against human discrimination is Stefellé's main focus in her practice, thus presenting a photographic world with more representation.  


Hospital Records / Jazzy Garms / Break Vintage / Wild Thing / 

Burnt Soul Clothing / Dazed Music / RB Funky  


PhotoVogue Italia 2021/2022/2023


Culted 2023

Digital Camera Mag 2022

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